Deniz Karakay

Deniz Karakay

Electrical Electronics Engineering Student


Junior EEE @METU | Affiliated Researcher @OSU | Undergraduate Researcher @OGAM


Micropsi Industries
Jul 2022 – Present Berlin
Focusing on robotics and improving the MIRAI platform, and the simulation environment for robotic arms using ROS, Gazebo and Python.
METU Center For Image Analysis (OGAM) at METU
Undergraduate Researcher
Sep 2021 – Present Ankara
Participated in a project called “IMU - Lidar Integration”, supervised by Prof. Dr. Aydın Alatan to interpret and visualize the LIDAR data on a moving car by utilizing IMU data and external GPS data from the mobile phone. Developing a mobile application to collect IMU and GPS data and utilizing those data in MATLAB’s toolbox.
Photogrammetric Computer Vision Lab (PCVlab) at Ohio State University
Affiliated Researcher
Feb 2020 – Present Remote
  • Working on a project supervised by **Prof. Dr. Alper Yilmaz **to demonstrate Adversarial Attacks on map domain. Generating an object detection model based on YOLOv5 for our custom satellite view dataset and utilizing adversarial attacks to deceive our model
  • Participated in a project supervised by Prof. Dr. Alper Yilmaz to make geolocalization using only image processing in a UAV. Collected map data from Google Maps and Open Street Maps using Python with various classes to train the models based on image segmentation and GANs.
Part-time Software Engineer & Special Project Manager
Jul 2020 – Nov 2021 Remote
  • Made research on ranking systems, and selected the optimized ranking system based on simulations made by using Python. Implemented an Elo rating system to the platform using Django REST-API and Django ORM.
  • Prepared a dashboard page to follow KPIs in specific time intervals.
  • Developed a Discord bot by Python to send messages, DMs inside the Gamer Arena server.
Mentor & Contributor
Nov 2016 – Present Remote
  • Mentoring one of the most respected open source program for university students, Google Summer of Code, since 2018. Mentored Google Code-In program for high school students between 2017-2019.


Middle East Technical University
B.S. in Electrical Electronics Engineering
Sep 2019 – Present Ankara, Turkey
  • METU Rover
  • Bridge Club
  • Cinema Club
High School
Sep 2014 – Jun 2019 Istanbul, Turkey
  • CodeKAL
  • NanoKAL


Formulated informed blockchain models, hypotheses, and use cases.
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