METU Auto Capacity Checker

METU Auto Capacity Checker


  • Download Chrome Webdriver or Firefox Geckodriver
  • Locate it somewhere to easily reach
  • Create Python environment using mkvirtualenv capacity-checker -p Python3
  • Inside the environment, install requirements pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Modify necessary parameters inside
  • Run python
  • When the website is loaded correctly, type ok in terminal and hit enter
  • Enjoy ☕️

Telegram Installation

  • Create a bot on Telegram talking with BotFather
  • Run telegram-send --configure on terminal
  • Insert the created bot token
  • Enter the shown password in your Telegram Chat
  • Voila 🎉

Discord Installation

  • Create a custom server and channel to follow course capacity
  • Open the integrations tab while editing your channel,
  • Add a webhook
  • Copy webhook url and paste it to discord_webhook_url in
  • Take care 🏖


class_codestringClass code e.g. 201 (Circuit 1)
department_codestringDepartment code e.g. 567 (Electrical Electronics Engineering)
discord_botboolTrue if you want Discord Message from your server for available capacity.
discord_webhook_urlstringWebhook URL for discord
driver_pathstringChromedriver or Firefox Driver path
refresh_rateintRefresh rate for checker in seconds e.g. 5
section_nointSection no e.g. 1
semesterstringSemester code e.g. 20212 (2021-2022 Spring)
telegram_botboolTrue if you want Telegram Message for available capacity.
voice_feedbackboolTrue if you want voice feedback. Tested only on macOS


Deniz Karakay
Deniz Karakay
Electrical Electronics Engineering Student

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.