Stop Pandemic! (WWDC'20 Winner)

Stop Pandemic! 🦠

Stop Pandemic! has been developed for Swift Student Challenge 2020 by Deniz Karakay.




Your mission is to save humanity from the COVID-19 virus and stop the pandemic!

How to Play?

  • It is easier than your imagination 😉
  • You just need to clear all the viruses around humanity which is symbolized with the emojis 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️
  • Simple isn’t it? However, watch out for the extra objects! 😯
  • Some of them are going to help you to survive, but some are not! 🤯
  • After the infection, you need to answer a question about COVID-19 🤔
  • If you answer it correctly, you get extra 50 points! 🥳

Just click the “Run the code” button!

To have a better performance, you should click Run Options button and disable “Enable results”!


Music is from OpenGameArt:

Sound Effects are from FreeSound:

  • Success Jingle (JustInvoke)
  • Shot (mastafx)
  • Hurt (sharesynth)
  • Fail (OwlStorm)

Background image is from OpenGameArt

  • Space (Westbeam)

Questions and statements are from WHO

Have fun! 🤩

Deniz Karakay
Deniz Karakay
Electrical Electronics Engineering Student

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.